Am I too Old for Teeth Alignment Treatment? 

Am I too Old for Teeth Alignment Treatment? 

Dec 11, 2019

No, you are not too old for teeth alignment treatment. Although teeth alignment treatment is ideal for children, adults too can benefit from the various orthodontic treatments.

Living with crooked or crowded teeth not only affects your appearance but can also lead to various dental problems such as tooth decay. Crowded teeth are hard to clean and this causes plaques to buildup leading to cavities, gum infection and eventually loss of your teeth.

Teeth alignment treatments are effective for most people, but before you can come to our dental clinic, there are several things you need to remember:

  • The treatment may take longer as your bones have stopped growing and are less receptive to manipulation. The treatment time might vary from person to person, but on average it will take about two years
  • In severe dental cases, you may need surgery for the treatment to be successful

How Do Braces Work in Adults?

Well, all teeth alignment treatments are similar and work by putting pressure on the teeth to change the teeth position. The teeth contain tissues that respond to pressure and cause the teeth to shift position when pressure is exerted. As the tooth shifts, new bone develops to fill the space preventing them from slipping back to its original position.

What Options Are Available?

Dental braces are versatile and available in different types, which include:

Traditional braces

Traditional or metal braces are made of stainless steel wires that hold the teeth in place. They are the least expensive braces and are available in different colors which allow you to express your personality. However, on the downside, the braces are visible and are not removable.

Additionally, the metal wires can trap food particles making it hard to clean them. The metal braces can only be fixed and removed at the dental clinic.

Translucent braces

The translucent braces offer the same benefits as the traditional braces but are less visible. The braces are made of tooth-colored wires that blend effortlessly with your teeth. However, the braces are made of composite materials that make the braces weak and brittle. Similar to the metal braces, translucent tooth support is not removable and needs to be fixed by the dentist.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces also are known as ‘behind the teeth’ braces are placed at the back of your teeth and are not noticeable. Although the braces can be worn by most people, they are ideal for mild to moderate teeth alignment.

Clear aligners

Clear or invisible aligners are made of transparent plastic that makes them unnoticeable. These braces are removable are ideal for you if you have mild to moderate malocclusion. Unlike these other types, clear braces are made to be used at home, and you will need to wear them for 22 hours for the best treatment. The braces should be removed when you are brushing, eating or flossing.

Dr. Kathleen Valencia will design a set of clear aligners, but you need to use each set for 14 days before changing.

Benefits of Dental Braces for Adults?

Besides teeth alignment, dental braces offer great benefits such as:

  • Prevent tooth decay and gum disease. When your teeth overlap each other, it makes it hard to brush and floss properly. This allows bacteria to develop and cause decay
  • Improves your appearance and boost confidence
  • Prevent bone erosion
  • Improves your speech. If you have misaligned teeth, you may have problems with your speech.

What to Expect After Braces Are Fixed?

The placement of braces is not painful. However, in the first few hours, you may feel slight pain. You may begin to feel discomfort after two or three days as your teeth begin to realign. The dentist will give you instructions on which foods to eat and how to care for your braces.

Come for Your Adult Treatment

If you are looking to have teeth alignment treatment in Weston, FL, call us and schedule an appointment, our dental team will guide you in choosing a suitable orthodontic treatment.

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